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Climbing shoes resoling

Once a month we ship worn climbing shoes to the repair center at the legendary Saltic company in Czech Republic. At Groto you can select the kind of rubber whereas the extent of any additional repairs is specified by professionals later on in the Saltic workshop. 

The quality of repair services offered by Saltic is currently the best on the market.

The total repair cost depends on the degree of damage: severely damaged shoes will be more expensive to repair whereas the cost of repairing a pair of slightly worn shoes will be around the price of the selected rubber.

NOTE: Do not wash your climbing shoes before handing them over!

An advance payment of 50 PLN (in cash) is required upon handing shoes over for repairing. 

The waiting time depends on the season. Ask our employee at the reception desk about the approximate time while handing them your shoes. Most of the time it takes around 1 month. 

Actuall pricelist available at the reception desk. 

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