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Crashpad rental


  1. Booking is possible by phone 0048 609 871 118 or at the reception desk.
  2. If you fail to pick up the pads twice without prior booking cancellation, you will be banned from renting the pads in future.


  1. Price for 1 crashpad is 35,00 PLN per day (under the terms of the Rental Regulations). Payment at the reception desk. 
  2. Prices for more than 3-day rentals will be determined individually.


  1. The following regulations include the terms of use, conditions and responsibilities applying to Groto Crashpad Rental users.
  2. The rental is open during the working hours of the bouldering gym.
  3. Renting a crashpad and signing the rental agreement confirm that the renter has read and accepted the rental regulations.
  4. Rental crashpads are the property of Groto Bouldering Gym.
  5. Rental crashpads are signed.
  6. Rental crashpads are technically efficient and clean and should be returned to the rental in the same condition.
  7. The rental fee is collected in advance for the declared time of use. You can pick your crashpads up within the last working hour of the reception desk the day before or on the day of use during the reception desk’s working hours.
  8. The return should be made on the day of use before the last working hour of the gym.
  9. Fee will be charged in accordance with the current rental price list.
  10. Renter is bound to:

– show their ID/passport/driving license (with photo) to provide a gym’s employee with necessary data that will be entered into the rental registration system

– put down a security deposit of 200 PLN in CASH that will be refunded upon returning crashpads to the rental

– put a legible signature in the rental register

– make a payment for the rental pads according to the current price list

– return undamaged and cleaned crashpads to the rental 

– cover the costs of repairing any damages caused by renter’s negligence (damages to the zip, tears in the outer fabric, damages to the buckles or harness breakages)

– cover the cost of a new crashpad in case of total damage or theft.

  1. Groto Bouldering Gym shall not be liable for any accidents and damages, both to the renter and other parties, arising during the use of the equipment by the renter.
  2. In case of damage, an appropriate Protocol should be prepared. The damage report is filled in by the rental employee with the participation of the renter and is the basis for the settlement of the damage caused. 
  3. These Regulations apply from May 4, 2022.
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