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Groto Bouldering gym rules

WARNING: Climbing is dangerous! Your safety is your responsibility.

Using the facility means accepting the following regulations and it takes place at your own risk.

Persons visiting us for the first time are obligate to report this fact at the reception desk. 

  • Access to the Bouldering Gym is permitted for persons who: 
    1. Bought adequate ticket according to pricelist. 
    2. Read and accepted this regulations.
    3. Have no medical contradictions. 
    4. Are not under the alcohol/drugs influence.
    5. Have proper sportswear and changeable shoes, barefoot climbing is prohibited. 
    6. Are of age. Yought, 14-18 y.o. may use facility on the basis of the written constent of their parents/legal guardian and at their personal risk. Children under 14 y.o. may stay under personal care of their parents/legal guardian.
  • Organized groups may use the facility after The Owner consent. 
  • Persons conducting organized classes for the third parties are obliged to notify the Owner about it and are fully responsible for them.

Main safety rules at Groto Bouldering Gym

It is prohibited to:

  1. Stand, sit or climb underneath other people while they are bouldering 
  2. (the climber on the wall always has priority!) 
  3. Leaving any items on the safty mat.
  4. Jumping off from the top of the wall.
  5. Idependly interfering with holds settings, any technical defects should be reported to the staff.
  6. Leaving kids without supervision.
  7. Climbing with jewelery(especially rings, earrigns, watches, bracelets).
  8. Climbing with any items in the pockets (phones, keys etc).
  • The Owner is not responsible for the personal items left on the facility. 
  • Dogs are allowed only if they do not disturb other clients. 
  • Dogs are not allowed on the safety mat! 

Privacy policy:

  1. The administrator of the personal data is the Owner of Groto Bouldering Gym.
  2. We use personal data to enable use of our services, including registration and facility policies agreement. Using the facility means accepting privacy policy. 
  3. Clients personal data is processed on the basis of legal provisions.
  4. Every Client have right to change or remove his personal data at once in every time. 
  5. Personal data and Groto Policies agreement are voluntary but required to use Groto Bouldering Gym facility. It is prohibited to use Groto facility without this agreements. 

Best regards

Groto Team

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